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Community Participatory Embroideries


Over a five-year process, artist Liam Benson facilitated the creation of the three community participatory embroideries through skill sharing workshops held in galleries, schools, artist studios and community spaces. The many and diverse hands that shared the process and contributed to the intricately embroidered imagery and designs, were able to connect with each other by telling stories, finding common ground and sharing the act of sewing beads and sequins.

The artist and communities who contributed to the creation of Participatory Community Embroideries, You and Me, Untitled (Flag) and Thoughts and Prayers acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the lands on which we gathered to create these artworks. Together we pay our respects to the past, present and emerging elders and communities of the Darug, Burramattagal, Bidjigal, Eora, Gadigal, Cammeraygal, Wallumedegal, Wann-gal, Yuin-Monaro, Tadjera-Munji-Djiringanj Darumbal, Kulin, Boon Wurrung, Woiwurrung and Wiljakali nations and people.



I would like to thank my friends, colleagues and mentors who provided consultation, guidance and support in the creation of this work.


To each person who has dedicated time, meaning and effort to this project, thank you for your support, company and affection. This work is a reflection of your devotion to friends, family and each other. It has been a delight sitting with you talking, sharing and learning together.



YOU AND ME, 2013-17

Parramatta Artists Studios – Adorned + Studio

Steven R, Keren R, Fiona P , Shahin N , Celia F, Anney B, Angela B, Abdulla M S, Hilin K, Maureen U, Tacheen S, Angela P, Seinileva H, Marina R, Naomi O, Shahin N , Mehrangiz S ,Kathryn Y, Tamkin H

Parramatta Artists Studios – WeAve open day
Winona P, Leah D, Deborah K, Cathy E, Rhonda P, Isle J, Tia W, Susan L Y, Aimelyn A, Kiri M

Artereal Gallery
Gail B, Nina S, Sylvia G, Nancy L B, Ella C, Arabella C, Katrina S, Julian D, Macushla R, Rhianna W, Joakim S, Sari K, Christian T, Harper T, Elizabeth C, Jon C, Angela H, Michelle H Rachael I, Barbara D, Noula D, Luisa C



Shivanjani L, Judy K, Tristan B, Kate D G, Athena C, Floura K K , Tim B, Brooke K, Rainbow , Georgia B, Lloyd and Karl, Caitlin W, Francisca S, Ana P V, Talia S , Liz M , Amanda T, Cindy C, Luke L, Scott E, Katrina J


Broken Hill Regional Gallery

Julie , Jill D, Carrie R, Murphy B, Mandy O


St George College of Fine Art TAFE NSW at Parramatta Artist Studios

Shoufay D, Susan M, Bronwyn, Rose

UNSW Galleries / dLux MediaArts

Jenny T, Danielle Z, Nikki W, Emma H, Emma B, Gustav, Tara M, Sarah V, Irene L, Julia F, Andrew V, Rosie C


Rockhampton River Festival (Rockhampton Art Gallery)

Page H, Amanda L,Tegan L, Susan E, Lauren S, Louise H


Museum of Contemporary Art - GENEXT

Belinda S, Madeline W, Claire W, Kaitlyn S, Nicky H, Jack V L, Sunny L, Taylor G, Georgia D, Rhys G, Kathleen C, Freya P, Brooke R, Monica W, Carla D, Brie H K, Haiqiu Z, Alice Z, Tabitha L, Nicole P, Isabelle A, Anna D, Mara S, Connor M


No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne and the Glenfiddich Artist in Residency program

Maylei H, Margaret M, Lucy B, Alex S


Bega Valley Regional Gallery

Emmy S



Cammeraygal High School

Jessica S, Kairai W, Kira, Lyla, Lia P, Ollie, Daimi, Yuka L, Sydney M. Alex M, Ela P, Andrew, R.J, Summer M, Amy W, Abby B, Patrick H, Haoyi H

Art Space on the Concourse, Chatswood

Kathie N, Farzana H, Sherin R, Victor Z, Savitha N, Annette V, Sherin R, Linda P, Azita M, Viana M, Karen L, Stephanie M, Gg K, Viana E G, Alice K, Stuti D, Swati D, Helen D, Thomas C, Maree D P, Georgie D, Lachie H, Erna T, Paleander, Palwinder K, Nikky S


Parramatta Artists Studios – Adorned + Studio

Gail B, Naomi O, Hilin K, Mehrangiz S, Shahin N, Karen G, Tamkin H, Gabrial H, Sabia H, Tacheen S, Sophie S, Susan L Y, Seinileva H, Angela P, Marina R, Kathryn Y, Kate B, Rebecca G, Connie A, Olivia M, Dan M


Rockhampton River Festival (Rockhampton Art Gallery)

Erin D, Paige H, Kay W, Chloe D, Anna K, Toni K, Alexa K, Teagan N, Lauren S, Libbie L, Louise H, Bianca A, Penny W, Dorothy K, Carol S, Emily A, Ruth G, Kay W, Tegan L, Amanda L, Jenny B


Western Sydney University, Parramatta

Cynthia, Yugank A, Venita P, Ayaz V, Neary, Gowri S, Palwindez K


Bega Valley Regional Gallery

Emmy S, Nancy B, Anette, Milly, Lauren B, Paige, Clara W, Bernie M, Kiah C, Indigoe F, Petie T, Alex E, Jessica E, Mariana M, Marg S, Kathleen M ,Pete D



Danielle C, Gail B, Hilin K, Jasmin G, Karen G, Liam B, Libbie L, Marina R, Mehrangiz S, Naomi O, Ruth G, Seinileva H, Shahin N, Susan LY, Tegan L, Zara




To the following galleries, community spaces and groups, schools and universities - thank you for hosting workshops and providing a safe and inclusive space for community to participate in the creation of these artworks.

Artereal Gallery; WeAve Parramatta; Parramatta Artist Studios and Parramatta City Council; The Adorned Parramatta Community; Art Space on the Concourse and Willoughby City Council; Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and Genext; Bega Valley Regional Gallery; Rockhampton Art Gallery and Rockhampton Regional Council; Cammeraygal High School; Victoria Avenue Public School; Old Government House, Parramatta; The Australian Council of National Trusts; Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery and Broken Hill City Council; UNSW Galleries; St George School of Fine Art; Western Sydney University; Gallery Smith; Gaffa Gallery; dLux MediaArts; No Vacancy Gallery; The Glenfiddich Artist in Residence Program

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